Your transport vehicles are your business. On the road, you want your promotion or functional message to be seen. But modifying a fleet takes time, and your time for allowing visuals to be applied is limited. The specialists at PPP Nederland ensure the communication is applied efficiently, professionally, and just on time. No matter whether it’s a regular service bus, an intercity train, a single delivery van, or an entire fleet, including trucks and trailers. With more than 30 years’ experience in the transport sector, we’re fully familiar with the actual working measurements and details of buses, trams and subway trains. In addition, we use professional databanks for automobiles, delivery vans and trucks to assure flawless production and installation.

Applying text, logos and full-colour imagery. Brand names and logos, technical instructions, pictograms. Film-wrapping a single vehicle or an entire fleet. With PPP Nederland, you’ll discover a service that is as comprehensive as it is flexible. Depending on fleet size, we handle installation and coordination either under our own roof, or with selected network partners. Under certain conditions we are able to use a unique concept, whereby each section of the imagery to be applied is a pre-manufactured self-adhesive unit, cut to size. The sections are delivered with a detailed assembly plan with clear and simple markings to ensure fast and accurate assembly.

PPP Nederland offers a range of specialty products. An Opaque commercial film hides the base. A translucent film for window displays such as ContraVision appears transparent on the inside and interplays with the image seen on the outside. The films are produced in large runs by A-brand manufacturers to guarantee availability and dependable quality.
After a professional, expert application of commercial film, the customer expects a safe and professional removal of the product. PPP Nederland is the expert when it comes to safe, reliable application and removal of self-adhesive commercial film. Our know-how and experience of vehicles and materials is unmatched in the industry.

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This is what you can expect from PPP Nederland:

  • √ innovative products for all type of visual communication
  • √ sustainable solutions that help people and the planet
  • √ outstanding price/ quality proposition
  • √ efficient, flexible work processes
  • √ multiple, specialist disciplines under one roof